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We collect personal information when you visit our site such as your name, address, credit card details, expiration date, billing address, either during a phone call, or when you book online. Your credit card details are used exclusively to complete your reservation or the transaction you have initiated and these credit card details are not saved, kept or used for other purposes. We may also collect Your personal information during telephone conversations, by mail or e-mail, or when you submit a customer review or review of our services. Our website uses both cookies (a small pixel file saved in your browser) in order to collect data that allows us to improve your experience of the site and its ergonomics, to remember your personal preferences to ensure a better service, to target content that is more relevant to you, and to understand how the Site is used, and to manage it more effectively. Cookies do not allow us to identify your name but they do allow us to identify the IP addresses of your computer which allows us to understand how you use our site. We use Google Analytics and Facebook to analyze cookies and collect usage statistics that allow us to better target our services and advertising messages. If you do not want Google to have access to these cookies on their servers in the United States, consult Google's privacy policy and download their advertising opt-out tool in your browser. If you do not want Facebook to know that you have visited our site, log out of Facebook before coming to our site. You can block or delete, or refuse to accept cookies (to find out how, please consult the help pages of your internet browser). If you block or delete these cookies, you may find it less easy to use our site. In general, we use this personal information to complete the transactions you have initiated, improve our services and manage and complete your reservation. Your personal information is not shared with third parties with the exception of certain partners or suppliers whose intervention is necessary to allow us to fulfill our obligations towards you, to complete your reservation, a payment or any other transaction that you have. initiated. These third parties may be based outside the European Economic Area, and include without limitation: - • a travel agency, a booking site, a tourist office, a regional association, a bank or a payment service for the processing of bank cards. (Our booking partners), • One of our subcontractors or suppliers (for example: the data center that allows us to host our software, a survey company or a communications service provider); including the company that manages our site • Any competent authority empowered by law to require or receive your personal data (customs, tax authorities, police, health and safety etc.). Our Booking Partners and our suppliers operate in accordance with these confidentiality rules and are bound to them by a contract which requires them to meet the obligations of the regulations in force on the protection of personal data (GDPR). Although these confidentiality rules apply to any personal information about you that may have been shared with these third parties, we have no impact on the confidentiality policies put in place by these third parties, and we can in no way be held responsible for the performance of these third parties in terms of the protection of personal data. You can ask us at any time for a copy of the personal information we hold about you. You have a right of withdrawal and can request that your personal information be corrected, transferred or deleted from our systems within the limits provided by law. We are obliged to keep certain data, including your personal information, for a minimum retention period prescribed by law (for example billing data and other accounting data, information relating to customers registered in an establishment required by the services of hygiene safety, or by the police). Where applicable, We will be required to keep this information until the expiration of the minimum period or until it is handed over to the competent authorities. If you wish to file a complaint about personal data protection issues, our services or any other subject associated with our activity, contact us by phone, email, post or fax at the address indicated on our website. These complaints do not need to be in writing. These complaints will be dealt with as soon as possible, to the extent possible, and you will receive a response no later than thirty (30) working days. If we have passed your personal information to a third party, for the sole purpose of completing a transaction that you have initiated, it will be your responsibility to file a complaint against those third parties as well.


This template contains sample text and may not be published. The content of your privacy policy depends on the features you use on your site. It is important to personalize your text. Your privacy policy should list all of the external components that you use on your site. The link to your privacy policy should appear on all pages of your site.

Sample content:

  • The Information You Collect.

  • How you collect the information.

  • Why you are collecting the information.

  • Who do you share the information with?

  • Where is the information stored.  

  • How long is the information kept.

  • How you protect information.  

  • Changes or Updates to the Privacy Policy.

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